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Fashion fabric supplier.

The fabrics distributed at Davonne consistently ensure high quality, not only diverse in materials but also rich in styles and designs, keep up with fashion trends in the market.

Significantly, Davonne offers a wide range of eco-friendly fabrics which made from unique natural materials such as oyster shell, bamboo, mugwort, lavender, ginger… to give you the best experiences.


Fashion Fabric Supplier

Supplier of premium textiles, creates fashion styles

Fabric Developer

Create bespoke woven and knitted fabrics to meet specific requirements.

Pattern Design

Fabric design service with high fashion imprint

Plan your next collection

Our team of textile experts are here to assist you. We’re committed to helping you find the right fabric, right your dreams.

Quality Control

We thoroughly inspect each fabric yardage order to detect any defects before shipment.


Safe delivery. Save time and money by shipping directly to your studio or factory.

Product price

Offers extremely competitive prices on our fabrics while catering to customers of all scales.

Our dedicated partners

Davonne Textile is proud to partner with international and domestic fashion brands.

Inculcating a love for perfectionism


Be newer and more directional

Engagement and thorough immersion in the process helped create a premium quality fabric — effective and sophisticated.

Wholesale_fabric__for_Fashion_Brands (2)
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