Who we are

As a textile and garment trading company with particular strength and various experiences in the market and industry, Davonne always actively and conscientiously addresses the changes in the market needs. Davonne is committed to realizing business transformation by balancing a product-oriented perspective and market orientation while enhancing our contribution and engagement with market development.

Our mission is to commited to the enrichment of life that reflects our social responsibility and the success of our clients, partners and employees. This is always a compass driving and reminding us to ensure that Davonne employees and management team adhere to the highest standard as they pursuit their respective business activites. Firmly grounded in these enduring company values, we will continue collaborate with our business partners, utilize new trends and concepts, and contribute to solving social issues while responding to the expectation and maintaining the trust of our customers, partners and employees.


Creativity at Davonne is always nurtured and maximized to create high-end and trend-leading fashion products.


Davonne has always aimed at the high-end fashion segment, wishing to create complete products for each design and increase the customer experience.


Constantly innovating with the goal of creating trends of the new generation helps us become the market leader in Vietnam’s premium fashion segment.

Our team is your team

Customer satisfaction is our happiness. We will always accompany you on your journey to conquering success.

Parttern design 95%
Yarn/fabric development 90%
Production of printed fabrics 85%