As a textile and garment trading company with particular strength and various expriences in the market and industry, Davonne always actively and conscientiously address the changes in the market needs. Davonne is strongly commited to realizing business transformation by shifting to a product-oriented perspective to market-orientation and enhancing our contribution and engagement with the market development.

Our mission is to commited to the enrichment of life that reflects our social responsibility and the success of our clients, partners and employees. This is always a compass driving and reminding us to ensure that Davonne employees and management team adhere to the highest standard as they pursuit their respective business activites. Firmly grounded in these enduring company values, we will continue collaborate with our business partners, utilize new trends and concepts, and contribute to solving social issues while responding to the expectation and maintaining the trust of our customers, partners and employees.

Davonne will surely be a part of your journey to success!



At Davonne, we specialize in working with experienced suppliers and professional staff. In this way, we deliver in-depth value and quality products to our customers and partners.




Shaping the future of textile and garment industry by breaking the limitations.


Davonne is commited to the enrichment of LIFE.


Trust, development, optimism, responsibility, dedication are values guiding our decisions at every level and define how we work every day.

It is only after trust is built that everyone can work together to find a solution, and we strongly believe that deeper levels of trust can be built constantly along the way. For the benefits of our clients as well as business partners, we strive to build trust by providing high-quality product and service. As for our team members, we give trust in order to gain trust: We highly value honesty and fairness at our workplace, and we always stay true to our strong moral and ethical principles.

The will and courage to think BIG will shape and define the future with innovations and creativities
We are not contented with today’s trends, we aim FURTHER and strive to be STRONGER. New ideas, creative thinking and innovations are always encouraged and welcomed so that connection with business realties can be established, and together we can go beyond any boundaries and experiments.

We aim to create youthful, lively and fun atmosphere at our workplace. We always try our best to ensure that our employees can have such positive working environment as they rightfully deserve.

We are willing to take higher responsibilities in our scheme of work, production, services and most importantly, to serve our people including our customers, partners, employees and the community.

Davonne sẽ hết mình cống hiến sức lực, trí tuệ và cả trái tim để cam kết tạo ra những giá trị tốt đẹp nhất cho khách hàng, đối tác, nhân viên và cộng đồng khi sử dụng sản phẩm, dịch vụ và hợp tác cùng chúng tôi.