You need new materials for a fashion party that embodies your brand’s uniqueness and spirit? Or you have fabric to develop or modify its quality?

  • Accompanying modern fashion trends and mass demand, Davonne Textile Co., Ltd. is always researching and developing new products, improving product quality. In addition, one of the top Davonne’s strength is on-demand product development according to quality (physiochemistry), design, weave style, and yarn type.

How did we help our customers?

"Worked out strategic plan, supported and reassured our customers"

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You already have the desired fabric material but are still hesitating about the design or how to design the pattern on the fabric?

  • Davonne is currently one of the leaders in the textile industry in terms of pattern design with different trends and types of fabrics. Davonne has a design team having experiences of working with high-end fashion brands in the Vietnamese market.

What our customers say 

"You can see the experience and competence in each product of the designers here. They are always willing to listen to my opinion and make it as perfect as possible"



We provide not only products but also solutions.
With our professional services, we can help you expand your business scale, improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability.
Catching up with the latest trends, understanding the market with our professional team create more services, bring greater value and build long-term relationships with customers.