– You want your design ideas to be sketched most realistically on the suitable fabrics?
– You need quality fabrics to create impressive fashion masterpieces?

Let Davonne help you turn those wishes into a simple reality. Coming to Davonne, you can not only touch high-quality fabrics, but also write your own fashion story from the technical stage to the design of the pattern.

thiết kế pattern


– You want to own fabrics with eye-catching textures that can turn your creative fashion ideas to a new level?
– Are you wondering how to choose fabrics, textures, and patterns to really highlight your fashion spirit children?

As an industry leader in textile design, Davonne is always up to date with new and different design trends and unique fabrics. Davonne’s design experts are constantly researching and working with high-end fashion brands in the market to bring you the most valuable experiences

thiết kế patern vải


We provide not only products but also solutions.
With our professional services, we can help you expand your business scale, improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability.
Catching up with the latest trends, understanding the market with our professional team create more services, bring greater value and build long-term relationships with customers.