Seawool Fabric

– Seawool fabric is recycled from oyster shells in the food industry, grounded into powder, mixed with PET fiber recycled from plastic bottle garbage, then through high-tech processing, cotton can be added to increase the smoothness.

– Anti-wrinkle, antistatic, quick dry, breathable, natural deodorant, smooth, cool, always create a comfortable feeling for the wearer. Besides, the fabric has extremely good durability in both color and physics.

– Contributing to environmental protection, 1kg seawool can recycle 60 plastic bottles

– Antistatic

– Anti-ultraviolet

– Antimicrobial

– Deodorant

– Absorbs-moisture control

– The use of plastic waste and oyster shells to produce a new material is not only a breakthrough for the fashion industry but also opens a new turning point in humanity’s green living journey. With superior biological properties and clear human meaning, oyster shell fabric promises to be a great green material for the new decade.

– High cost because the production process has to go through many strict technological stages

In fashion:  used for all garments thanks to its airy, light, and smooth.

In interior: Application for bedding thanks to natural antistatic properties

– Wash clothes with neutral soap, without strong detergents.

– Do not use bleach or soak the product for a long time.

– Dry in a cool place, avoiding direct contact in the sun.

– Store products in a well-ventilated, dry place.