Yarndyed Fabric

– Yarn-Dyed fabric (or YD fabric) is essentially a fabric produced using weaving technology from dyed fibers. The yarn is pre-dyed in each pre-existing color, then woven into a plain color, or woven intertwined with each other. This type of weaving is applied on many different yarn materials such as polyester, cotton, linen,…

– Appearance: YD fabric brings eye-catching effects, making a difference for the wearer

– Depending on the type of material, there will be different advantages

– Antibacterial and anti-odor

– The outstanding advantage is good absorbency.

– The long durability of the fabric is a strength.

– Not convenient in production

– The price is still high

– With special fashion effects as well as the variety of materials that Yarn-dyed fabric offers, it is applied in most types of outfits such as flannel shirts, shirts, T-shirts, dresses,… In addition, Yarn-dyed fabric is also used in household accessories such as pillowcases, curtains, table coverings,…

– Do not expose the product directly to harsh sunlight

– Strong bleach should not be used

– Limit soaking products in soap for too long