Voile Fabric

– To produce Voile fabrics, people choose weft and warp yarns that have similar characteristics, ensuring the quality on the fabric surface is even.

– After the selection process, these weft and warp yarns will be twisted in the shape of an S and woven in the shape of a Z, forming grid shapes with small holes to create a gentle feeling. After weaving, the fabric must be placed on a smooth plane and tightly linked the stitches, helping the finished product to be more perfect.

– No wrinkles: with thin, light properties, Voile fabric is not wrinkled or crumpled whether you crumble or fold it

– Cool, breathable: thanks to its thin materials and different synthetic fibers, the fabric is quite cool and breathable. Therefore, this is considered a popular fabric, especially in the hot weather of summer

– Diverse colors and designs: Almost voile fabric is not bound by a specific style or type of outfit. Therefore, when it comes to chiffon fabric, it is impossible not to mention the diverse transformation that this fabric brings

– Lightweight, quick-drying fabric.

– Very trendy.

– Poor elasticity: due to being made from artificial materials, chiffon has poor elasticity, chiffon fabric is often suitable for outfits with smoothness, slenderness rather than tight outfits

– Easy to get dirty: the chiffon fabrics are easy to get dirty due to their rough surface, if not promptly treated, the stains will likely permanently stick to the fabric and it is difficult to clean.

– Thin: Although the wearer can feel comfortable and airy thanks to the light weight and thinness of the chiffon fabric, this is sometimes an obstacle for the wearer. Therefore, the outfits from the chiffon fabric should have an inner lining that avoids scanty and offensiveness

– In fashion: Thanks to its thin and natural ventilation, chiffon fabric is very suitable for all types of outfits such as: fashionable shirts, dresses, maxi skirts … Besides, chiffon fabric is also popularly used in the production of shirts or skirts as office uniforms.

– In daily life: Chiffon fabric is one of the great materials selected to sew curtains by the gentle, soft, soaring fabric that chiffon fabric brings. With a variety of colors and motifs, the chiffon curtains make your door frame stand out, making the room more lively and luxurious

– Do not expose directly to the sun

– Should be washed with shower gel or shampoo instead of detergent, avoid fading product color

– Do not soak the chiffon fabric for too long, prevent the fabric from being decayed

– Be cautious of objects with sharp edges such as shirt sticks, hangers that easily tear the fabric