Taichi Stone Fabric

– Tai Chi Stone yarn is created by Nano Technology, Tai Chi Stone is crushed into powder and processed with high technology in the form of masterbatch,  then nanofibered with Polyester or Viscose yarn. This process creates a nanotech yarn called Taiji Stone Microfiber Polyester.

– Regulates the functions of the body through the ability to change the magnetic field (i-on form)

– Have ability to increase the mechanism of absorption of water molecules in the body

– Strengthens the blood circulation system and immune system of the body

– Minimize symptoms of fatigue, muscle aches and pains

– Improves morale, relieves stress

– Have ability to control and preserve body heat.

– Anti-bacterial, anti-UV

– Have ability to contain spirits brings a full-capacity and lucky state of mind to the user

– Anti-bacterial and anti-odor

– Good sweat absorption

– Light fabric

– Blood circulation, improve health

– Easy to wrinkle if not preserved appropriately

– Flammable fabric, poor wear resistance

– Be sensitive to mold

In fashion: Tai chi stone yarn is most ly used for T-shirts, polo and normal shirts thanks to its ventilation and airyness when wearing

In interior: It is also used for bedding, in addition to airiness, this type of yarn also improves sleep, regulates the blood circulation system.

– Before washing, fabric should be turned upside down, do not wash light and dark color clothes together.

– Wash clothes with neutral soap, without strong detergents.

– Do not use bleach or soak the product for a long time.

– Dry in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight.

– Dry horizontally.

– Store products in a well-ventilated, dry place.


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