Pique Fabric

Pique is a knitted fabric made from 100% Cotton, TC, CVC yarn and can apply other feature fibers with unique textures and structures. Because of the peculiarities of the appearance structure, the fabric surface will usually be combed, square, rhombic and hexagonal in the texture of the fabric eyes without a straight line.

– General properties of the fabric: sturdy fabric, big eyes, pique weave that gives a woven eye effect with squares, triangles, quadrilaterals, rhombuses and diamonds

– Soft and smooth

– Wear all year round:  The product can be worn all year round thanks to the superior characteristics of the fabric.

– Create an eye-catching effect: Pique fabric is different from other fabrics in the hole eyes of large fabrics to help the fabric have a cool, airy wear. In addition, they also help the body to release air, moisture faster.

– High absorbance

– Extremely high durability

– No stretching: Because cotton fibers are usually very quickly stretched and shrinkage after washing, the combination of polyester ingredients makes it stronger and more durable.

– High price: The price of pique fabric is higher due to being woven using more modern and meticulous technology.

– Unsmooth fabric: The fabric surface is not as smooth as the surface of the cotton fabric but feels more ripple when touched because of the eyes of the fabric hole

– In fashion: mostly used for polo shirts, collar tops and leggings thanks to the ventilation of the fabric when wearing

– Before washing, fabric should be turned upside down, do not wash light and dark color product together

– Wash clothes with neutral soap, without strong detergents.

– Do not use bleach or soak the product for a long time.

– Dry your shirt in a cool place, avoiding direct contact in the sun.

– Dry horizontally

– Store products in a well-ventilated, dry place.