Ginger Fabric

– Quality ginger after being carefully selected is ground into powder, through nanotech solution processing, ginger fibers are formed and integrated with other fibers such as bamboo fiber, Modal or Tencel. This is how Warm Ginger fibers are made.

– Natural anti-bacterial and anti-UV ability

– Ability to keep the body warm, preserve heat

– Breathable absorbent, smooth fabric surface

– Improves the functioning of the blood circulation system, promotes the process of changing skin cells, helps the skin always ruddy and smooth.

– Anti-bacterial and anti-odor

– Good sweat absorption

– Light fabric

– Keep warm for the body

– Easy to wrinkle if not preserved appropriately

– Flammable fabric, poor wear resistance

– Be sensitive to mold

In fashion: the most application of ginger fabric is making thermal clothes thanks to the ability to keep warm and preserve the heat of the fabric when wearing

In interior: Application for bedding, thanks to the ability to keep warm, disinfect and deodorize

– Wash clothes with neutral soap, without strong detergents.

– Do not use bleach or soak the product for a long time.

– Dry in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight.

– Dry horizontally.

– Store products in a well-ventilated, dry place.