French Terry Fabric

– French Terry fabric, also known by the common name of fish-skin knitting fabric, has a flat, solid fabric structure, the other side has overlapping loops which look like fish scales.

– Overlapping loops have the effect of increasing the area of contact with the liquid and absorbing water faster. It is this way of weaving that also makes french terry fabrics unique.

– High perspiration absorbent: French terry fabric is designed with one side having rough fish scales look while the other side is soft and smooth, which helps the fabric to absorb sweat very well.

– Thick: The fabric has a relative thickness, so it is easy to sew and process. Besides, the thickness helps the fabric to be resistant to wrinkles, deliquescence, overstretching.

– Good elasticity: This fabric has a good elasticity, helping the wearer move comfortably

– Good absorbency

– Light fabric.

– Thickness is sometimes not suitable for all customers

– Susceptible to mold: Due to its absorbentness, products from the material are very susceptible to mold if not properly preserved

– In fashion: thanks to its ventilation and perspiration absorbability, French terry is suitable for sportswear and is also a suitable material for sunscreen clothes thanks to its thickness and does not cause a sense of uncomfortableness to the wearer.

– In household: French terry fabric is also commonly used in the production of a number of household products such as pillowcases, sofa cases, pads, curtains …

– Store in a cool, dry place

– Avoid using harsh detergent and expose in direct sunlight so as not to make fabric fibers damaged