Chiffon Fabric

– Chiffon fabric is made from a variety of fibers such as nylon, polyester or more high-quality fibers such as silk, cotton. Chiffon is woven by knitting weft and warp yarn in the form of mesh, therefore its weight is very light, thin, soft.

– The structure of the fabrics is very sparse, easy to be shriveled. In the process of weaving, people often twist lightly to bring the best elasticity to the fabric. After finishing weaving, the fabric will be brought to the stage of color dyeing and brought to the design stage.

– Soft: this is the first advantage that wearers can feel when touch this fabric. Chiffon is textured from fibers knitted together, so the weight is extremely light, gentle to the skin, and it does not cause burning pain, discomfort when used.

– Light and thin: The sparsely linked yarns create a penetrating surface, which is durable for the fabric. Thereby providing ventilation, ensuring dryness for chiffon products. Besides, the light weight helps this fabric become flexible, creating a comfortable feeling for the wearer

– High durability: although it has a thin, slender appearance, chiffon fabric has relatively good durability, surpassing even lace or silk fabric. During using proccess, consumers will not worry about frayed or broken fabrics

– Allergy-free: the raw materials produced in chiffon fabric are made mainly from synthetic fibers or fibers of plant origin, so it is quite safe for the skin

– Light fabric.

– Dry fast

– Trendy, often used in party wear.

– Difficult to sew: Chiffon fabric is still quite slippery so it is quite difficult to sew and design. It requires ingenuity, carefulness in the process of cutting and sewing

– Easy to fade: Chiffon fabrics are easy to fade when exposed to sunlight.

– Thin: Chiffon fabric is easily offensive due to its transparent properties, so the costumes from Chiffon fabric must have an additional layer of protective fabric inside to avoid revealing and causing dis sympathy for the opposite person.

With diverse prices and materials with many internal advantages, chiffon fabrics are commonly used in some of the following areas:

– Daily wear: chiffon fabric is very suitable for feminine fashion design such as skirts, graceful dresses, elegant skirts,… Besides, chiffon is also used to design office clothes, shirts for modern and luxurious office girls.

– Fashion accessories: Chiffon is also used in fashion accessories such as hand towels, shawls, ribbons or underwear,…

– Wedding and prom dresses: Thanks to its delicate soft beauty, chiffon fabrics are often selected for wedding or evening dresses. With its romanticism, characteristic soaring, it is not uncommon for this fabric to make an extremely attractive impression for the wearer

– Do not expose directly to the harsh sun

– Keep the fabric surface flat when dried to keep the form

– Do not use harsh detergents

– Do not wash with hot water

– Do not leave chiffon fabric near sharp objects, avoid the possibility of entanglement which tearing the fabric