Bamboo Poly Fabric

– It is processed through many processes: dissecting and studying the body of the bamboo until it forms thin fibers, then startspinning and weaving into fabric, then finishing with the staining process. All to create a sustainable structure with characteristics that are more prominent than ordinary fabrics.

– No ruffled, smooth, tightly woven fabric, cool handfeel

– Natural deodorizing and antibacterial

– Extremely fast breathable absorbent

– Safe for the skin

– Anti-UV

– Super soft and durable

– Easy to shrink after washing, according to research, bamboo fabric will shrink by 3% after the first wash. However, this shrinkage does not affect the form of the clothes too much, but when worn, the fabric will flatten out and still create the hug and softness of the fabric.

– Bamboo fabric is prone to more wrinkle than other fabrics and takes longer to dry than normal materials.

– In fashion: Applied for shirts, T-shirts, men’s and women’s panties, socks thanks to deodorizing, natural antibacterial ability

– In interior: Applied for bedding

– Any type of fabric needs to be washed regularly, so when washing clothes made from Bamboo fabric, users should only rub gently, avoiding too strong scrubbing which will make the fabric more prone to wrinkles. Besides, it is also important to pay attention not to use too strong bleach, detergent should be the one that contains less chlorine.

– When drying clothes, or Bamboo bedding, it is recommended to let them dry naturally should not use the dryer to dry with high temperature, only dry in airy places, avoid direct sunlight. Upon purchase, users need to check the label of the product, to know the composition and specific instructions for use of each manufacturer, each type of items.