Artemisia Fabric

What is Artemisia?

– Extracted 100% from the natural composition of artemisia, besides, through high-tech processing, the mosquito and insect repellent fluid of artemisia is absorbed into the fiber core. Then it is combined with fibers such as Bamboo, Viscose, creating a yarn that is both naturally antibacterial and insect repellent.

– Natural antibacterial ability up to 99%,

– Anti-UV, protect wearer’s skin

– Mosquito and natural insects repellant feature from the core of artemisia fiber.

– Breathable absorbent, smooth fabric surface,

– Environmental protection, recyclable

– Anti-bacterial and anti-odor

– Light fabric

– Especially resistant to mosquitoes

– Environmental friendliness

– Easy to wrinkle if not preserved appropriately

– Flammable fabric, poor wear resistance

– Be sensitive to mold

In fashion: Artemisia is mostly used for making childwear, clothes for outdoor activities and office shirt thanks to the airy, deodorizing and especially mosquito resistance

In interior: Application for bedding

– Wash clothes with neutral soap, without strong detergents.

– Do not use bleach or soak the product for a long time.

– Dry your shirt in a cool place, avoiding direct contact in the sun.

– Dry horizontally

– Store products in a well-ventilated, dry place.