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Explore our ever-current fabric library,and find fabrics for your next collection.

We believe in our mission at Davonne and it is our guide to Davonne’s uniqueness in the textile market. We believe in our commitment to bringing unique, individual touches that enrich our partnerships, ecosystems, and communities.


Fashion Fabric Supplier

DAVONNE provides customers with all kinds of fabrics with the best quality at competitive prices, making it easy for you to your desired products.

Pattern Design

At Davonne, we provide pattern design service. Having proficient team and experts in the field of textiles, we are committed to bringing you the best experience.

Davonne Textile

Fabricate your fashion dream

As a textile and garment trading company with particular strength and various expriences in the market and industry, Davonne always actively and conscientiously address the changes in the market needs. Davonne is strongly commited to realizing business transformation by shifting to a product-oriented perspective to market-orientation and enhancing our contribution and engagement with the market development.

davonne textile

Plan your next collection

Our team of textile experts are here to assist you. We’re committed to helping you find the right fabric, right your dreams.

Quality Control

We thoroughly inspect each fabric yardage order to detect any defects before shipment.

Delivered to your door

Safe delivery. Save time and money by shipping directly to your studio or factory.

Product price

Offers extremely competitive prices on our fabrics while catering to customers of all scales.

Our dedicated partners

Davonne Textile is proud to be contributing to the growth of a diverse fashion market (with a mutual aim to create sustainable values).


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davonne textile
fashion fabric distributor davonne vietnam
fashion fabric distributor davonne vietnam
fashion fabric distributor davonne vietnam

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