To start a meeting with customers or partners with a good impression, in addition to the inherent grooming, elegance and professionalism which promote the image as well as the beauty of the company’s culture will be shown through the uniforms.

To create the most perfect uniform products, it requires us to strictly control to ensure the quality. Besides, Davonne will also enthusiastically solve problems that arise and respond to customers’ inquiries in order to meet all strict requirements to satisfy partners and customers.


Owning a beautiful outfit will help to honor the physique of the wearer and express personal style and modern lifestyle. Therefore, Davonne always approaches and updates the latest fashion trends and state-of-the-art technology to learn, research and create unique and impressive products.

With a team of highly specialized and experienced designers, Davonne will surely bring fresh inspiration to customers when working together with the desire to become a supplier of high-class fashion designer products. We can supply this product at any quanlity.


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